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WELCOMEWell, dear Readers, this is my final issue
NEWSAnatoliy_gleb/ Dermal fillers may impact immune
CROWNING GLORYTress-a-licious news from the hair front
IN THE MARKETOur round-up of new products and treatments
ASK THE ExpertsOur beauty experts answer your questions about every aspect of running a salon or spa business 
Delivering ON EVERY FRONTExcellent service is what will keep customers coming back, writes beauty & business coach Helena van der Vyver
PROTECTING YOURSELF AGAINST INJURY IN MASSAGE THERAPYDue to the physical demands of the job, massage therapists sometimes only have a few good years in their role before injury sets in, writes Kezia Parkins
To steam or sauna… oh wait a minute, there isn’t one!Frequent spa goer and marketing expert Keshantha Naidoo reveals her top bugbears when visiting spas. Owners and managers may want to take note
Who won what at the Living Canvas Make-up Competition?T he Living Canvas Make-Up Competition hosted By
HARNESSING the good bacteriaBefore probiotics entered the realm of skincare, they were previously traditionally associated with gut health. The last few years have seen a focus on the skin microbiome, with prebiotics and postbiotics, as well as probiotics, formulated into skincare products
DNA SALON appointed as the newest LABEL.M Concept SalonJoanna Serkowicz chats to salon owner Donovan Grove about being recognised by the LABEL.M brand and discovers what makes DNA Salon stand out in the market
Still all the buzzSeveral years after it controversially infiltrated the beauty and wellbeing markets, Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to trend in the treatment and retail space
The POWERHOUSEOften referred to as ‘the gold standard for anti-ageing skincare,’ vitamin A has long been a hot ingredient in the cosmeceutical skincare industry
NEWSProfessional Beauty Nail Competition winners announced After a
GETTING TO GRIPS WITH THE French manicureWhile clients might think the French mani is an ‘easy’ or ‘quick’ option when it comes to nail art, the precision needed to pull off this classic design can keep some non-air brush practising nail techs up at night, writes Kezia Parkins.
THE FUNGUS FACTORIt’s unfortunately not that uncommon for clients to present with a nail fungus condition – here’s what to know and do in that situation
Scream – it’s Halloween!!!This scary, blood chilling and spine-tingling look was created by Marianka Van Niekerk
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